Mar 24 • 1HR 3M

Yigit Konur - Founder And Product Manager At Wope.Com

Journey to Scale Episode #2

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Cagri Sarigoz
Stories of entrepreneurs and professionals on their way to scale their impact.
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We shot this episode with Yigit back in October 2022.* Since we recorded the episode, Yigit and the Wope team launched the first version of their product. You can give it a shot here:

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What we covered in this episode

  • Who is Yigit Konur?

  • What was it like to move from being the founder of a successful agency to the product manager of a SaaS business?

  • What is most challenging for building an SEO SaaS product, and what is most exciting about it?

  • What advice would Yigit give aspiring SEO SaaS founders?

  • Lightning round with Yigit


* It took some time for me to publish the episode because there was a problem with my voice. I spent hours fixing the voice, but it's still not the best. I finally published the episode because what Yigit shared about his journey was pretty valuable. I hope you find it valuable as well. 🤞