Yigit Konur - Founder And Product Manager At Wope.ComListen now (63 min) | Journey to Scale Episode #2

February 2023

I am raising funds to help my people

January 2023

This is my only expectation from 2023. And these are my new year's resolutions: I want to be able to travel freely without getting deadly sick. I want…

December 2022

Helping Companies Scale - Gabriela Pulido (Founder, Scalto)Listen now (22 min) | Story of a serial entrepreneur who's also a mother of four.

November 2022

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[Thread] Share your Black Friday PicksHey everyone, I wanted to create this thread to share our Black Friday picks. I’ll be sharing my picks on this thread, and you’re more than welc…

October 2022

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#0 - IntroListen now (29 sec) | Introduction to Journey to Scale Podcast with Cagri Sarigoz

September 2022

Airplane's journey to scaling a multi-millon-dollar company
"The million dollar question: Product-led vs. Sales-led growth."That's probably the wrong question.
Hi everyone,I'll start my first issue with a to-be-classic book on entrepreneurship, life, and life, and entrepreneurship.This is a must-read, even if…